Whole Foods Direct Mailer–April 2019

Colorful Spring flowers and luscious tropical notes were the inspiration behind the April issue of the Whole Foods Market Direct Mailer piece. In addition to the adventure camping shot, these images were conceptualized and brought to life with the collaboration of a team and partners to delight over 5 million neighbors to Whole Foods in printed and digital form.


From strategy meetings and consultations with consumer insights experts at the initial stage, this project evolved into a wireframe under my vision. Working alongside a team of editors, food experts, fellow art directors, and studio photographers, we were able to create a vibrant collection of images. From a scrumptious brunch spread to a fun camping trip, each scene for the mailer piece was an allusion to Spring.

From the Sketchbook to Reality

Take a look at the process behind the final product for this project. I was in charge of coming up with a storyboard for this photoshoot, which evolved into a digital wireframe that helped smooth out the shooting process.

Disclaimer: The body of work created for Whole Foods Market was born from a group of creative professionals both from Whole Foods as well as external partners, all of whom collaborated in the creation of the final product.

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